Terms and Conditions re treatment

Before any treatment is undertaken at Beceuty Medical Aesthetics, you will be asked to complete a full and detailed consent form, as well as the opportunity to complete a medical questionnaire to determine that you are suitable for the treatment you require. You are also given the opportunity to discuss your expectations and the areas you want treated, as well as asking any questions that might be important to you.

Beceuty Medical Aesthetics reserve the right to refuse any treatment, if the nurse deems you unfit or unsuitable for any treatment you require.

As our treatments are all undertaken by fully qualified, experienced registered nurses,  we need to ensure that the information we obtain from you is correct, up to date and complete. You will be asked to complete a health questionnaire, which is completely confidential and the details of which will not be shared with any third parties. Any health information that we hold on you will be held on a secure separate hard drive in a locked location and destroyed after a period of five years (which is the minimum time these kind of records have to be kept), unless you undergo further treatments during that time, then records will be kept for five years from that new treatment date.

Before each treatment, all details will be double checked to ensure there are no changes to your health. This information will be held in accordance with the current General Data Protection Regulations adopted in 2016 and in affect from 25th May 2018 – full details of which can be seen on our Privacy Policy.

By signing our consent form and agreeing to our terms and conditions (both for treatment and in general), you are also agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Cookies policy. If you have not read them, we strongly suggest that you do so before any treatment takes place.

We always explain the treatment you have requested in great detail and you will be informed of the products we use, complications that can occur as a result of the treatment and the fact that there is a risk of scarring, allergic reaction and bacterial infection.

By signing the consent form and agreeing to the terms and conditions confirms that you have read and understood all  aspects of the consent form and by signing, agree to the terms and conditions of  receiving treatment with Beceuty Medical Aesthetics. You also understand that it is your personal responsibility for the payment of your treatment. You also agree to bear the cost of collection and or court fees and legal fees should this be required.

The nurse administering the treatment is a fully qualified nurse and nurse precriber, professionally trained aesthetic nurse (carried out with Harley Street trainers) and is fully insured. By signing the consent form, you are releasing the nurse injecting and carrying out the procedure and facility from liability associated with any procedures and totally understand the risks associated with the procedures.