Tropic Green Beauty


Beceuty are very pleased and proud to be working with Tropic Green Beauty to bring you award winning green products that are both luxurious and affordable. We are delighted to have joined the Tropic team of more than 12,000 Ambassadors and to be part of such a fantastic brand of skincare, hair care, body care and make-up.

My own experience

I have never been happy with my skin, getting the odd break-out, as most of us do, and wearing a lot of make-up to cover the flaws. I knew that I couldn’t possibly endorse the Tropic products unless I had tried them for myself, so I started a twice daily regime, using their Daily ABC Essentials.

  • ABC COLLECTIONStep A is a Smoothing Cleanser and Bamboo Face Cloth, which sweeps away any make-up or impurities.
  • I follow that up with Step B – a Vitamin Toner, which as well as including rose water, aloe vera and cucumber juice, also includes Vitamins B3, B5 and C to even my skin tone and refine pores.
  • Finally, Step C, Skin Feast, which is a nourishing daily moisturiser with 20 different skin-loving plant, fruit and flower extracts.

Within a few days I noticed a huge difference in the texture and feel to my skin. It looked fresher, brighter and above all, healthy. Some of the products I have used in the past have been good…and some stupidly expensive…but Tropic products are excellent, as well as being

very good value. The products are soft and kind to the skin, feel absolutely wonderful on my face and I can happily report that, after only four weeks of using the products, I no longer wear shed loads of make-up.

My skin feels amazing and I now use all the facial products and a small amount of Beauty Booster! This is a no make-up selfie, fresh out of the shower with super greens serum and the gorgeous lip fudge! If you would like to have beautiful natural looking skin please get in touch.

Try Tropic products at my salon

I use the Tropic products in my home salon for all facials, whether standard or luxury TROPIC BOOKLETand use some of the more luxurious products for the luxury facials. I haven’t yet found a product I don’t like, they all smell naturally delicious with no strong, overpowering odour that some products have. I’m know that the products I use are natural, cruelty free, with no harsh chemicals or odours of alcohol and so feel completely confident in using them on clients in the Beceuty Medical Aesthetics salon. So far, all the clients who have experienced the products are completely satisfied and thrilled with the results they see in their skin and several of my clients now use the products in their own home, to keep their natural regime going.

Tropic reviews from my clients

“Absolutely loving my skin since using tropic skin care! Teamed up with regular dermaplaning and micro needling, my skin is feeling and looking brighter and healthier every day! It’s also great to be able to use a regime completely free from any chemicals! ”

“I had a facial with dermablading and using tropic products. It’s all natural from plants, no chemicals or perfumes. My skin is beyond amazing. Becca took time to pamper me and this was my first facial. The outcome is beyond what I expected, my skin feels like satin , it’s glowing and for the first time in 20 years I left my house today with no foundation or blusher. I’m 52, and my skin feels youthful, so refreshed and I’m really really happy”

If you’d like to have the same results as my clients, please get in touch. Or why not book a facial and experience the wonders of Tropic products for yourself.